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Our story

​Farmers David Zelov and Danielle Szepi did not grow up farming but studied ecology and botany and came to farming through student run farms at their respective universities.  Both went on to apprentice on and manage different farms in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California.  David and Danielle met in 2009 while working together on an urban farm in Philadelphia and decided to start their own operation.  After looking at various places to rent land throughout the northeast they settled on Wantage where David grew up.  They were introduced to Richard and Debra at Fair Acres Farm and Garden Center by David's parents who were long time customers.  The property at Fair Acres contained several old hay fields that were not being used which have become Kittatinny Mountain Farm.  Fair Acres changed ownership in 2021 but we continue to grow there and 2022 marks our 12th season

Growing practices

We have always been committed to growing healthy produce and to being good stewards to the land.   In our early years of farming, we used organic practices but were not certified organic.  This meant that among other things, we did not use synthetic fertilizers or chemicals, we practiced crop rotation, used compost and cover crops to boost soil organic matter and fertility, and grew plants that attract beneficial insects.  In 2014 we decided to take it a step further and applied for Certified Organic status.  One of the major additions that we have made as Certified Organic growers is our commitment to sourcing all Certified Organic seed.  We have now been Certified Organic for 8 years by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.  

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