CSA Share Options

Option 1: Farm CSA


Location:  Pick up your produce on the farm 1339 Route 23, Sussex, NJ 07461.                          


Time:  Wednesdays from 1pm-6pm June 2nd through October 13th                           


Share sizes:Choose either a full share (20 weeks) or half share (10 weeks)


Cost:Full Share: $725  Half Share $400  


Distribution method:  When you come to pick up your share, you will be able to choose a certain number of items according to what you prefer. Produce is arranged “farmstand” style and the share will be written on a chalkboard detailing what you can choose from.  Pick your own cherry tomatoes, beans, flowers, peas, herbs and a few other crops are an add on bonus.


Option 2:  Market CSA

Location: Pick up your produce at either the Sparta Farmers Market or the Milford Farmers Market-You do not have to choose one market to come to-you can come to either at any time.


Times:  Sparta Farmers Market runs on Saturdays,9am-1pm, May 8th through November 20th  Milford Farmers Market runs on Sundays, 10am-2pm May through October


Share Sizes:  Choose from 4 account sizes and receive a discounted debit account to start the season with.  


Cost: Account sizes are $250, $400, $550 and $700, with the corresponding account sizes receiving a starting balance of $265, $432, $610 and $784.


Distribution method: Market CSA members are able to choose any amount of produce that they would like from our stand at the farmers market and we simply keep track of the cost and subtract it from their account.  Use your account balance all at once or spread it out over the season-it's up to you!

What CSA Option is right for me?                               


The Farm CSA offers the greatest value and the most connection to the farm-we harvest what is available and split it equally among Farm CSA members who are still able to choose what they want to make up their share within limits.  The pick your own crops are an add on bonus since you pick them yourselves-we do not factor these into the price of the share.  The opportunity to come to the farm regularly offers a connection to the land and a better understanding of how the food is being grown. 

The Market CSA offers the greatest flexibility-you can come anytime you want to the farmers markets and choose whatever produce is available at the stand that day.  You will not be limited to certain amounts of any one crop and if you are away on vacation or not able to come to a market on any given weekend you will still have the same amount of credit on your account to use the next time you can make it.                     


Both CSA options benefit the farmers in the same way-by paying ahead of time for your produce you help us to purchase necessary supplies to begin the season.